Customer Proprietary Network Information (�CPNI�) is defined as information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, billing information, destination, location, and amount of use of a telecommunications service subscribed to by any customer of a telecommunications carrier, and that is made available to TPx COMMUNICATIONS by the customer solely by virtue of the TPx COMMUNICATIONS-customer relationship.

CPNI includes, for example, total revenue, average revenue, features, services, minutes of use, long distance and frequently called numbers relating to specific customers. CPNI does not include information that has been published in a directory or subscriber list information, such as name, address and phone number, nor does CPNI include information about non-telecommunications services and products, such as equipment, managed network services, internet access or other enhanced services.

Under federal law, TPx COMMUNICATIONS has a duty to protect the confidentiality of CPNI.

TPx COMMUNICATIONS does not sell CPNI to third parties and abides by the federal and/or state CPNI rules that apply to all telecommunications carriers.

TPx COMMUNICATIONS may seek or share CPNI to market to you additional services to which you do not already subscribe. Using CPNI may enhance TPx COMMUNICATIONS� ability to offer products and services tailored to your specific needs.

What does this mean to TPx�s customers?
When a TPx customer calls into customer care, they will be asked to provide both their first and last name. While we develop relationships with many of our customers and even know them by name it is imperative that customers provide their first and last names for CPNI verification purposes.

What happens if a non-authorized user calls into customer care?
Care may do the following:

  • Call the customer back at the number listed on the account;
  • E-mail the customer at the e-mail address listed on the account;
  • Send via U.S. mail to customer at the address listed on account; and
  • IF THE CUSTOMER CAN provide call detail information, TPx CAN discuss the call detail information PROVIDED BY the customer.

What happens if my company changes its account contact?
The inbound caller must have authorization to gain access to customer account information. The authorized account contact must fax an authorization to add the calling party as a contact on their company letterhead signed by the authorized account contact.